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A union of toxicology and neuroscience

Our scientists are here to help design and execute the in vivo and in vitro experiments needed to advance novel compounds through preclinical efficacy testing. Collectively, we have a passion for advancing the understanding of neurodegenerative disease mechanisms, as well as contributing to the treatments available for patients with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. We each contribute unique skills to the projects we are working on. Find out more about the Pegasus team members below.


President & Co-Founder

Ron, a Professor of Toxicology and Neuroscience at Colorado State University, has focused his research on the role of inflammation in neurodegenerative disorders. Through his laboratory, Ron has developed a novel, viral-induced mouse model of neurodegeneration that exhibits signature pathologies in several days. Ron has a collaborative drive to pursue the mechanisms underlying pathogenesis of and treatments for neurodegeneration. 


Scientific Director & Co-Founder

Collin, currently pursuing his doctorate in toxicology, has expertise in a diversity of techniques, such as advanced microscopy imaging, histology, technical writing, in vivo preclinical drug testing, protein/nucleic acid analysis, and data analysis. Collin ensures the highest quality of data for our clients by customizing our cell counting programs for individual studies, and he is also certified to perform experiments in the BSL-3 barrier at Colorado State, where he oversees the production of our patented mouse models.


Director of Operations

Lindsey earned a doctorate in Neuroscience and has hands-on experience in both pharmaceutical R&D and preclinical animal research. Her writing, editing, and teaching background also allow her to excel as a scientific communicator. Lindsey ushers our clients' projects from conception to completion with a keen eye for detail to ensure that every client receives the final data and report products they desire. Contact Lindsey at lindsey@pegasusneuro.com to start discussing the details of your study.